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Traditional Chinese Medicine】ginseng, glossy ganoderm, cordyceps sinensis, wolfberry and other traditional Chinese medicines
Traditional Medicine】Chinese patent medicine, herbal medicine, prescription granules, etc. , Commissioned production of Chinese traditional medicine products, OEM, etc.
Health Food】traditional Chinese medicine health products, health wine, beauty oral liquid, cosmeceuticals, breast enlargement and slimming, weight loss, sports nutrients and other natural health products
Health Care Supplies】massage appliances, foot therapy and medicine bath, aromatherapy essential oil, TCM physiotherapy equipment
Medical consumables】disposable medical bags, disposable medical catheters, wound dressings, wound care materials, medical gauze, medical bandages, protective and isolating sanitary articles, injection and infusion instruments, puncture needles, biopsy needles, indwelling needles, medical suture materials and instruments, etc.
Medical Instruments & Equipment】imaging diagnostic equipment, ward nursing monitoring equipment, endoscopy equipment, first aid equipment, surgical equipment, etc.
Wearable Equipment/Household Appliances】household first aid kits, massage health appliances, small medical and health care devices, household equipment with prevention, treatment, monitoring and rehabilitation functions, etc.
Laboratory Equipment & Diagnostic Reagents】clinical laboratory analytical instruments, diagnostic reagents, laboratory instruments and consumables, etc. 
Rehabilitation Nursing and Supplementary Products】rehabilitation nursing and health care devices, nursing products, special walking aids, oral health products, health physical therapy products.
Medical Furniture】hospital beds, medical carts, disposal cabinets, infusion chairs, pharmacy equipment
Home Care and Maternal & Infant Supplies】women's hygiene products, diapers, etc.

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