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CCCMHPIE President Zhou Hui Met with Ms. Harjit Gill, CEO of

On the afternoon of July 18, CCCMHPIE President Zhou Hui met with the visiting Ms. Harjit Gill, CEO of Asia Pacific Medical Technology Association (APACMed) and Ms. Huang Yasha, Director of Regulatory Affairs . Deputy Secretary-General Cai Tianzhi and relevant personnel of the Ministry of Foreign Cooperation were present.

Ms. Harjit Gill expressed satisfaction with the cooperation established with the Chamber of Commerce and said that since she took office, she has been committed to building stronger partnerships with China, especially attaching great importance to the all-round cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce, and hoping to listen to the recommendations of the Chamber of Commerce on the next step. CCCMHPIE President Zhou Hui reviewed the cooperation between the two parties in the past year. The two sides actively participated in each other’s industry activities and the first overseas independent brand exhibition, CHEXPO ASEAN, hosted by APACMed Annual Meeting and Medical Insurance Chamber of Commerce, was fully affirmed. In particular, the Chamber of Commerce also joined APACMed last year and officially became its ninth and only member of the Association of China, which is of great significance to the future comprehensive cooperation between the two parties. The Asia Pacific Medical Technology Association has more than 110 members of multinational medical devices, small and medium-sized medical equipment and associations. The Medical Insurance Association has nearly 700 corporate members in the field of medical consumables and equipment. The two sides will have extensive cooperation space in trade, investment and technology transfer.

Subsequently, the two sides exchanged views on the content of the next cooperation. Ms. Harjit Gill said that enhancing the dialogue and exchange of supervision laws and regulations between countries in the Asia-Pacific region is a key work of APACMed. Since market access plays an important role in the development of international markets, it will continue to strengthen sharing and exchanges with the Medical Insurance Chamber of Commerce and its member companies in this regard. At the same time, APACMed is conducting research on a series of hot topics in the Asia-Pacific region, such as intellectual property protection, health technology assessment, regulatory science, artificial intelligence, new materials applications, hospital management challenge research, etc.. It’s hoped to receive support and assistance from the Chamber of Commerce in this regard.

In response to the above-mentioned cooperation needs, President Zhou made specific suggestions on the next step of cooperation. First, continue to strengthen the exchange of market and regulatory information in the Asia-Pacific region; second, jointly conduct research and promotion work on key health markets such as Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand; third, jointly organize various professional conferences and training activities in conjunction with the needs of both companies, such as encouraging both member companies to participate in the 12th Medical Consumables Conference and the third conference held in Shanghai on August 29-31 this year, the China Medical Device International Cooperation Summit, the Medtech Forum hosted by APACMed in Singapore from October 7-9, the second China Healthcare Brand Exhibition held in Jakarta on November 27-29; fourth, the Chamber of Commerce is willing to work with APACMed to carry out or promote research on hot topics in the industry, including referral of relevant government and academic resources to achieve the goal of sharing resources and serving industries and enterprises.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Department of Medical Devices of the Chamber of Commerce also put forward opinions and suggestions on the next step of cooperation, including specific products and technical cooperation, regulatory information exchanges, joint training activities, and industry researches. The two sides stated that they would continue to strengthen exchanges, graft resources from all parties, and build an practical and effective service platform for the development of the medical industry in the Asia-Pacific region and cooperation in enterprise trade, investment and technology transfer.


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