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2018-2019 China Medical and Health Industry International Si

On April 9th, the China Chamber Of Commerce Of Medicines & Health Products Importers & Exporters held a special press conference for the internationalization of China medical and health industry international situation in 2018-2019 in Wuhan Optics Valley, Hubei. Song Huiqin, deputy special commissioner of the Ministry of Commerce in Wuhan, and Qian Deping, executive deputy director of the Construction and Management Office of Wuhan National Bio-industry Base, China Medical Devices Co., Ltd. and Wuhan High-tech Medical Instrument Park Co., Ltd. and other responsible comrades were invited to attend. The conference attracted more than 100 enterprises from Hubei Province to attend the conference, and Hubei TV reported on the conference.

Deputy Director Qian Deping pointed out in his speech that after 10 years of development, Wuhan Optics Valley had gathered more than 2,000 bio-pharmaceutical companies, with an average annual growth rate of around 30%. At present, it should consider the next 10 years of development in Optics Valley, not only to work hard, but also to redouble our efforts to connect with the world. It is hoped that through the in-depth cooperation with industry organizations such as the Medical Insurance Chamber of Commerce, the influence of Optics Valley in the country and the world will be expanded.

Executive Deputy Director Qian Deping Gave a Speech

Wang Maochun, vice president of the China Chamber Of Commerce Of Medicines & Health Products Importers & Exporters, delivered a keynote speech entitled “Overview and Prospects the Internationalization of China’s Medical and Health Industry”. Starting from the 2018 data and hot issues in the four fields of traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, medical equipment and nutrition and health, he comprehensively analyzed the characteristics and challenges of China’s medical and health industry’s foreign trade; in the face of the new situation, combined with the highlights of the Chamber of Commerce in policy promotion, research projects, trade exhibition promotion, etc., Vice President Wang made three suggestions: First, it should have an international perspective, follow international rules, and especially attach importance to and establish a strategy for the use and protection of intellectual property rights against the international market; second, it should innovate continuously, focus on product research and development, strengthen brand building, and create differentiated competitive advantages; third, it must strengthen the construction of marketing networks, and explore the optimal international development path through the establishment of joint ventures, acquisition of overseas marketing institutions, and establishment of subsidiaries.

Vice President Wang Maochun Delivered a Keynote Speech

Ren Fang, deputy director of the Medical Device Division of the Medical Insurance Chamber of Commerce, gave a special report on “China’s Medical Device Industry and Trade Development Status”. She talked about the trade development trend from the status quo of China’s medical device industry, and brought rich data and profound views to Hubei medical device enterprises combined with the industry work of the Chamber of Commerce.

Deputy Director Ren Fang Gave a Special Report

Xia Lu, the exhibition department of the Medical Insurance Chamber of Commerce, took the “First China Medical and Health (Indonesia) Brand Exhibition” as an example, and introduced the one-stop trade promotion service of the Chamber of Commerce to the representatives of the participating companies, and answered questions from representatives of interested exhibitors.

Xia Lu Introduced the One-stop Trade Promotion Service of the Chamber of Commerce

Conference Site

The information on this conference was very large, and the exchanges and interactions at the conference were very enthusiastic. The participants expressed great gains and hoped that more trade and investment promotion activities would be carried out through the platform of the Chamber of Commerce in the future. The conference was a complete success.


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