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President Zhou Hui and Vice President Wang Maochun of CCCMHP

On April 25-26, 2019, President Zhou Hui and Vice President Wang Maochun of CCCMHPIE attended the activities of the Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, exchanged ideas with participants, and actively promoted the development of China’s medical and health industry so as to help Chinese pharmaceutical companies achieve internationalization.

On April 25, CCCMHPIE President Zhou Hui attended the unimpeded trade sub-forum of the Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, which was hosted by the Ministry of Commerce and co-organized by the General Administration of Customs, the State Administration of Taxation, the Export-Import Bank of China and the China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation. With the theme of “openness and inclusiveness, leading innovation and deepening the unimpeded and cooperated trade of the Belt and Road, about 600 Chinese and foreign guests from more than 60 countries, 11 international organizations and business people attended the conference. Member companies of Sinopharm Group, Neusoft Medical and other chambers of commerce were invited to participate.

A Photo of Participants

The Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation The Unimpeded Trade Sub-forum Site

On April 26, at the invitation of the Indonesian Minister of Infrastructure, CCCMHPIE President Zhou Hui attended the “Indonesia-China Business Cooperation Economic Forum”. Indonesian Vice President Kara, Minister of Ocean Coordination Luhut, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Infrastructure, Chairman of the Investment Coordination Committee and Indonesian Ambassador to China attended the meeting; Cheng Xiaobo, deputy secretary general of the National Development and Reform Commission, and Xiao Qian, Chinese ambassador to Indonesia, attended the forum. In his speech, Vice President Kara highly affirmed the significant contribution China made to Indonesian investment in the development of Indonesian national economy in recent years. Minister Luhut highlighted the situation of co-building an industrial park project with the National Development and Reform Commission in his speech.

A Photo of CCCMHPIE President Zhou Hui and Mr. Zhou Haoli, Indonesian Ambassador to China

A Photo of CCCMHPIE President Zhou Hui and Mr. Li Wenzheng, Chairman of Lippo Group

During the meeting, CCCMHPIE President Zhou Hui, Minister Luhut, Zhou Haoli, Indonesian Ambassador to China and representatives of some Indonesian companies had in-depth exchanges on Sino-Indonesian pharmaceutical industry cooperation including China Medical and Health (Indonesia) Brand Exhibition.

A Photo of CCCMHPIE President Zhou Hui and Luhut, the Minister of Marine Coordination of Indonesia

On April 26, invited by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Cooperation of Kenya, Vice President Wang Maochun attended the “Kenya-China Economic and Trade Fair” held in Beijing and participated in the Medical and Health Roundtable Forum. The meeting was co-sponsored by the Kenya Ministry of Industry and Kenyan Embassy in China. Kenyan President Kenyatta led the ministers of industry, agriculture, health, investment, infrastructure and others to attend the meeting and delivered speeches.

A Photo of Vice President Wang Maochun and Mr. Ikeira, Kenya Investment Director

During the meeting, Vice President Wang Maochun exchanged some matters on further strengthening cooperation in the field of medicine and the visit to Kenya with the pharmaceutical trade investment delegation in mid-May, with Kenya Minister of Industry, officials from government agencies such as the Investment Bureau and Health, and representatives from some Kenyan pharmaceutical companies. At the roundtable forum, Vice President Wang Maochun highlighted the work of the Chamber of Commerce on promoting China-Africa medical and health cooperation, and said that he would take the opportunity to visit Kenya and deepen cooperation with African countries including Kenya in the field of medicine. Member companies such as China Medical Insurance and Shenzhen Mindray participated in the roundtable forum for exchange.

Vice President Wang Maochun attended the China-Kenya Medical and Health Cooperation Roundtable Forum

In order to cooperate with the organization of the summit forum, the Chamber of Commerce selected six young cadres with high political and professional quality to serve as liaisons of the unimpeded trade sub-forum. They successfully completed the liaison and reception work of the Egyptian Minister of Trade and Industry, the Minister of Industry and Commerce of Panama, and the guests of the political and business circles of the United States and Japan, and were well received by the organizers and guests.

A Photo of Liaison in the Unimpeded Trade Sub-forum

In recent years, the China Medical Insurance Chamber of Commerce has carried out a series of work in policy coordination, cooperation and docking, personnel exchange, exhibition and information consultation, by means of fully utilizing its international advantages and focusing on the implementation of the Belt and Road initiative, and the internationalization of China’s pharmaceutical industry. In November 2018, the Chamber of Commerce and the Trade Development Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce jointly held the first China Healthcare (Indonesia) Brand Exhibition in Jakarta, Indonesia. The exhibition was the first non-commercial overseas brand exhibition organized by the Ministry of Commerce, as well as the first collective appearance of China’s pharmaceutical industry in ASEAN, which played an important role in promoting China-ASEAN pharmaceutical industry cooperation and the medical field cooperation of the Belt and Road.

At the same time, actively focusing on the “Trade Facilitation Action” in the “Eight Actions” of the Beijing Summit of the China-Africa Cooperation Forum, the Chamber of Commerce earnestly carried out the implementation of the follow-up measures of the summit and conducted a series of work, including continuing to organize medical trade investment groups to Africa, building a database of China-Africa medicine cooperation service platforms with UNAIDS and the Gates Foundation, holding several sessions of China-Africa medical and health seminars in cooperation with relevant UN agencies and the World Health Organization, continuing to hold international medicine administration Q&A sessions, compiling reports on African key national pharmaceutical markets, and coordinating the promotion of Ethiopian pharmaceutical industry park construction.

In the future, the Chamber of Commerce will continue to promote the internationalization of China’s pharmaceutical industry, actively cooperate with the Belt and Road construction, focus on the second China Medical and Health (Indonesia) brand exhibition, and work together with domestic and foreign partners to jointly promote the in-depth cooperation between the Chinese and foreign pharmaceutical industries and achieve mutual benefit.


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