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[China Medical Health (Indonesia) Brand Exhibition] “The Be

November 29th was the second day of the exhibition, “The Belt and Road” medical and health industry cooperation forum was held as scheduled.

Zhou Hui, president of the Medical Insurance Chamber of Commerce, attended the forum and made a speech. He said that the medical and health industry is a highly regulated industry. The differences in the market demand, policy regulations, access conditions and technical standards may affect the smooth development of trade and investment activities. As an industry organization, we are duty-bound and should work together with people from all kinds of the industries in different countries to promote mutual communications and coordination among various countries in terms of policies, regulations, markets, and information and promote mutual benefit through cooperation to create new opportunities for business cooperation. This is also the concept that our Chamber of Commerce has always been adhering to.

Sub-forum I: opportunities for cooperation in traditional botanical health care products

“The Belt and Road” medical health industry cooperation forum is made of two sub-forums. Sub-forum I is conducted in the morning, and the theme is the opportunity for cooperation in traditional plant medicines and health products, held by Yu Zhibin, director of the Chinese Medicine Department of the Medical Insurance Chamber of Commerce.

Firstly, Bahdar Johan Hamid, the former first deputy director of the Indonesian Pharmacopoeia (BPOM), who led the drafting of the Indonesian Pharmacopoeia and Herbal Pharmacopoeia, and took charge of policy formulation and coordination of western medicine, cosmetics, food, traditional drugs, and so on. He mainly introduced the present situation of Indonesian medical industry, the history and current situation of traditional medicine use, the access policies of traditional medicine and the proposals for entering the Indonesian market.

Then, Lin Longfa, vice-chairman of the Malaysian Chinese Medical and Health Food Association, made a speech entitled “Traditional Chinese Medicine and Health-care Product Industrial Policies and Market Opportunities”. The presentation included the situation of the traditional Chinese medicine health-care product market, policy supervision, registration standard and industrial development.

Chen Lifa, president of the Singapore China Healthcare Products Association, made a speech entitled “Review Development of Chinese Medicine and Health-care Products in Singapore and Cooperation Opportunities”. The content covers the advantages of Chinese medicine in Singapore, the management overview of Singapore Chinese patent medicines, the regulatory requirements for Chinese patent medicines registered in Singapore and the opportunities for cooperation.

Later, Cai Bin, executive vice president and director of the Department of Academic Science and Technology of the Thai Chinese Medicine Association, gave a speech entitled “the Development Status and Market Opportunities of Chinese Herbal Medicine in Thailand”.

Finally, Yu Zhibin, director of Chinese Medicine Department of Chinese Medicine Insurance Association, made a speech entitled “Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry Regulatory Policy and Market Opportunities”. The main contents contain the current status of China’s traditional Chinese medicine import and export, China’s import and export of Chinese medicines in Indonesia, Chinese medicine policies and regulations, and new opportunities for Chinese medicine trade with Indonesia.

Sub-Forum II: China-ASEAN Medical Device Industry Cooperation

Sub-forum II was held in the afternoon: China-ASEAN Medical Device Industry Cooperation Forum was still popular, and it was hosted by Ren Fang, deputy director of the Medical Device Division of the China Medical Insurance Chamber of Commerce.

The first speaker in the afternoon was Sugihadi Hadiwinoto, president of the Indonesian Medical Device and Laboratory Equipment Association. In his speech, he introduced the basic situation of the Indonesian medical market, the status of medical services, and the general situation of the Indonesian medical device market.

Fredrik Nyber, CEO of Asia Pacific Medical Technology Association, made a report entitled “the Trend and Development of ASEAN Medical Technology Industry”. It is proposed that enterprises should develop the market based on the different national conditions of ASEAN countries, and adjust and adapt to the development of various technologies and technologies.

Ren Fang, deputy director of the Medical Devices Division of the China Medical Insurance Chamber of Commerce, gave a speech titled medical device industry status and trade development trends in China, and highlighted the prospects of China-Indonesia medical device trade and industrial cooperation, as well as the work and efforts of medical insurance chamber of commerce in pushing forward the development and internationalization of China’s medical device industry.

Liu Fudong, deputy secretary-general of the China Hospital Association, introduced the hospital management and procurement process in China from the aspects of the current situation of medical institutions in China, the progress of medical reform in the process of reform, and the future development direction of hospitals.

In the end, Dr. Hu Fukang from Med Wheat Indonesia Consulting Services Co., Ltd. shared on the spot about medical device product registration process and relevant regulatory requirements and precautions in Indonesia, and compared the similarities and differences in operation between Indonesia and other countries, and answered the questions raised by the exhibitors.